So like Oritse we are all very sad about Cora leaving! A girl pack member, JLS girlfriend group member and just a nice person to talk to. Our heart goes out to you.

Girl Pack WordsEdit

"My little Tori Williams, I cant even say... how sad I feel about this whole thing. It's almost as if we're a treasure chest and Cora is the key - which is lost - love you babe!" - Pucktana88

"My Tori to my trina ,Dianna To my brittany , The emily to my marissa you was a sister to me and will forever remain in my heart - Star9999

"Suddenly, I realized I had never experienced true sorrow before I knew you were leaving, I never knew that the girl pack friendship could grow so strong until you came along. Things will be different around here, so I want to say, what's spongebob without patrick? What's tigger without pooh? What's Santana without Brittany? What's my Quinny without your Dianna? I hope to hear from you again." - Quam1992