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Opal Goldie is a character in the Goldie family fanfic. She is a bit of a bitch and is always there for her sisters Dianna and Cecilia Goldie. She is portrayed by Pucktana88.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Cecilia GoldieEdit

Opal and Cecilia are fraternal twins. Opal always sticks up for her as Cecilia cant stick up for herself. It has been said that Opal would do anything for Cecilia.

Dianna GoldieEdit

Dianna is Opal's younger sister aswell as her partner in crime. Whenever one has hurt in their lifes the other helps and together they kick ass. In chapter one they back up each other while arguing with their Aunt Isabell.

Isabell GoldieEdit

Isabell is Opal's aunt. Before the fanfic they didn't seem to get along very well. She always stuck her head in Opal and her sister's business. In chapter one Isabell admits to killing Opal's beloved Grandfather. Opal slaps her and calls her a witch.


The SecretEdit

Opal first appeared in chapter one The Secret. Where you see her and her sisters are very close. It also shows her hatred for her Aunt Isabell. They had found out she killed their Grandfather whom they all loved.

Dianna's BirthdayEdit

In the second chapter Opal and her family (with the exception of Jess and Isabell) are at a restaraunt celebrating Dianna's nineteenth birthday. She has a very good time and invites Tori to stay with her and Cecilia since Dianna is never staying there and doesn't feel comfortable that her cousin is staying with a murderer. After their dinner Dianna, Tori and Opal go to Isabell's house to get Tori's stuff. Opal threatens Isabell to turn herself in and with the fact Dianna is studying law.