Lura is the pairing of Pucktana88 and Cora90. Lucy and Cora (Lucy/Cora). They are friends in The Crack Family on Glee Wiki. They are also friends in some other blogs on glee wiki.

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Crack FamilyEdit

In the Crack Family, Pucktana88 is Lucy Sauls and Cora90 is Tori Malto. They are good friends. Lucy looks like Sasha Pieterse and Tori looks like Victoria Justice and in pictures that's where the representation comes from.

Pucktana88's glee wiki fanficEdit

In this fanfic they are best friends. They are Lucy Volts and Cora Smith. The celeb representation of this is, Lucy is the Volturi's Jane and Cora is Home and Away's Ruby.

Star9999's glee wiki fanficEdit

They are also best friends in this. Lucy portrays Amber Fabray and Cora portrays Lana Puckerman. Both related to glee characters that were once in love and had a child. Amber Fabray is Ana Mulvoy Ten and Lana Puckerman is Mila Kunis.

Goldie Family FanficEdit

In this they are cousins, Morgan Goldie, Cecilia Goldie and Tori Goldie. Pucktana88 plays twins in the story. Morgan is Eva Green, Cecilia is the late sixties version of Olivia Hussey and Tori is Victoria Justice.


Lucy's words on Cora leaving Edit

My little Tori Williams, gone. Just like that. Gone. The Girl Pack is not complete. We are only three quarters. Join me in keeping Cora90 alive on this wiki.