Here's my imaginative family.

NOTE: I'm not insane this is just for fun I don't actually think the following people are my family (apart from Heather).


Aston Merrygold

Other romancesEdit

Zayn Malik

Jay McGuiness


  • Heather (Well she is in real life and I wouldn't trade her for the world)
  • Courtney (My girl pack member and my wiki sis)
  • Santana Lopez (She's like me and I laugh at her jokes and nicknames for people, lol)
  • Alison Dilaurentis (Three words, I love her!!)
  • Rosalie Hale (I'm going shopping with her, she has the best style! :D)
  • Janet Devlin (I'm a proud Devlinator, we're takin Team Devlin to the final x])
  • Taylor Momsen (ROLEMODEL!!!)


  • Thomas Anthony Parker or more commonly known as Tom from The Wanted (I really want him to be my brother!)
  • Oritse Williams (he's a beautiful person with a beautiful personality and Cora would be my sister in law)
  • Edward Cullen (Oh my Good mess with me and my brother will break you, ha ha ha!)


  • Charli XCX (Just loving her tunes at the momento :P)
  • Quinn Fabray (She would be a good cousin to tell stuff)
  • Jane (from twilight, don't touch me my cousin will make you feel pain physically and mentally)
  • Jade West (She will make you feel pain verbally and physically)
  • Tori Vega (She's just great)
  • Aj Michalka (Too cute)

In lawsEdit

  • Taylor Lautner (Brother in law, Heather's husband)
  • JB Gill (Brother in law, Courtney's husband)
  • Cora Williams, left :'( (Sister in law, Oritse's wife)