Hi my name is Heather, I live in Scotland with my mum, sister and cat, I was born on the nineteenth of December. My friend's names are Zara Mahoney, Lucy Nicholls, Chloe Craig, Carly Gilchrist, Matthew Gribben and Sean Canning. I absolutely adore Taylor Lautner and someday I swear I will stroke his gorgeous torso and then his big muscely shoulders!

My favourite T. V shows Edit

Dianna 1

I love Glee because it's a musical television show only with completely different songs and characters. There are many old songs and many modern ones aswell. My favourite character is Miss. Lucy "Quinn" Fabray,she is portrayed by Dianna Agron, I know she has had a rough time in the show, but that is exactly why I like her because she gets through it, she is a natural warrior and if something is worth fighting for she will fight for it. Sadly her love life is a mess, she got pregnant with Puck's child then when she got with Sam Evans, but then she is tempted by Finn Hudson and she cheats on Sam. Finn then dumps Quinn for Rachel Babra Berry. (* sob POOR QUINN sob*).

I also crave Family Guy (created by the one and only Seth McFarlene). My favourite characters are Stewie Griffin and Peter Griffin, because one is an evil genius of a baby and the other is a drunken fat funny arse! Stewie hates Peter or A.K.A the fat man.

Favourite GuysEdit

  • Taylor Lautner
  • Max George
  • Boo-Boo Stewart
  • Alex Pettyfer
  • Jaden Smith