Basic InformationEdit

Dianna 1

Dianna Goldie is the sister of the non-identical twins Opal and Cecilia Goldie. She is only eighteen years old and her twin sisters are both twenty-one. Dianna is at college studying law as she wishes to become a successful lawyer in the future. Like Opal, whenever there is hurt she will rise and kick anyones ass if she needs to, she is strong-wild and determined, she knows her own mind. Opal and Dianna share alot of things, like what they think of things, what they think of people, what they think about life.


Opal GoldieEdit

Dianna is extremely like her sister Opal, personality wise as the are the strong one out of the three sisters. The pair seem to do things together, they enjoy each others company

Cecilia GoldieEdit

The one that is not as tough as Opal and Dianna is Cecilia Goldie, but Dianna loves her just as much as Opal and Cecelia knows that, altogether the three sisters are extremely close. Cecelia is not as strong as them so they stick up for her as a team if she needs backing up.