Cucy is the realtionship of Star9999 (Courtney) & Pucktana88 (Lucy) thier ship name is cucy (courtney/lucy).



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Cucy sisters 4evaaaaaaaaa
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Glee - Santana is Lucy and Brittany is Courtney. Brittany and Santana are very close friends so this works.

Pretty Little Liars - Courtney is Emily and Lucy is Alison. Like Santana and Brittany they are very close.

Victorious - Jade is Lucy and Trina is Courtney. They're not very close on the show but as their Cucy portrayers THEY ARE!!!

The Saturdays - Lucy is moillie and courtney is una these too are very close as they in the band together and seem to hange about alot

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Santana/Lucy Brittany/Courtz

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Cucy, hayley and naomi
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