Okay first chapter of the Goldie family. This is called The Secret! Enjoy! Lucy Sauls 15:35, June 26, 2011 (UTC)

They all sat in a circle in the living room waiting.

Dianna Goldie: come on, what is it? I have a date with Jacob.

Isabell Goldie: Wait on Tori and Jess coming home from school

Morgan Goldie: Those brats seem to crawl home with their speed

Cecilia Goldie: Well Dianna has a date and Morgan and I have a party

Isabell Goldie: Party, you never informed me

Cecilia couldn't stick up for herself, as a child Morgan did all the fighting like she was about to now.

Morgan Goldie: We don't need to tell our Aunt everything, seriously what is your problem

Dianna Goldie: Tell me about it, you've always been like that, always in our business like that

Isabell Goldie: You cant talk to me like that

Dianna Goldie:Yes we can Morgan and I are adults

Morgan Goldie: Come Dianna and Cecilia we don't need to listen to this rubbish

Dianna Goldie: Right behind you sis

Just as are about to leave the room Tori and Jess come in.

Morgan Goldie: Look what the cat dragged in

Dianna Goldie: Looks like rats

Morgan and Dianna roared with laughter as Tori and Jess looked at them angrily. Cecilia smiled at them.

Cecilia Goldie: Maybe we should listen to what Aunt Isabell

Morgan would do anything for Cecilia, even though Isabell was the last person she wanted to talk to right now Cecilia wanted to and that was all that mattered.

Morgan Goldie: fine

Dianna Goldie: need back up

Morgan Goldie: God yeah

The three sisters walked into the living room. Morgan and Dianna glared at Aunt Isabell. Whenever there was a hurt in any of their lives those two were extreme ass kickers whereas Cecilia was always too scared to get involved.

Dianna Goldie: Okay what do you want?

Isabell Goldie: There has been a Goldie family secret that I must tell you

Tori Goldie:Boring

Jess Goldie: Everyone shut up and listen to mum

Isabell Goldie: You know Grandfather Colin

Dianna Goldie: Yes we loved him so hard it hurt

Cecilia Coldie: He bought us chocolate everyday when we went to his house after school

Isabell Goldie: He was on your fathers side

Morgan Goldie:Yes... what are you trying to say

Isabell Goldie: I hated your father

Dianna Goldie: Oh we knew that

Morgan Goldie: What is it?

Isabell Goldie I killed him

Morgan Goldie: WHAT

Dianna Goldie: Morgan she's having some kind of sick joke

Cecilia Goldie: I don't think she's joking

Dianna Goldie: Why did we have to wait for Jess and Tori?

Isabell Goldie: So they knew what I did

Morgan slapped Isabell in the face. Dianna pulled her away then she slapped Isabell. Jess and Cecilia started crying.

Morgan: Why!!!

Isabell: He was a drunk

Dianna: Didn't mean you had to kill him

Isabell: He nearly hit your mother

Dianna stormed out of the room with Cecilia while Morgan stayed for a minute.

Morgan: You have brought shame on the whole family, I hate you Witch!!!

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