Dianna’s birthday

Heyyy my fellow Goldies! Well I know you’ve waited a long time for this but here it is. Also guys can you please make pages for your characters. Well enjoy the chapter and tell me what you think. --Alice Verdura C'mon Nasty Cathy let's see if we can find you some live spiders to eat 19:27, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

Most of the Goldies were here at a restaurant in downtown New York celebrating Dianna’s nineteenth birthday. Morgan, Cecilia, Dianna and her boyfriend Jacob Black, Tori, Brittany, Nikki and Melissa.

Morgan Goldie: Well since Cecilia and I are the only ones who are legally allowed to drink we’ll have a bottle of champagne and Dianna you can have a little glass since it’s your birthday

Dianna Goldie (sarcastically): Great

Melissa Goldie: Can I have some wine

Morgan Goldie: Honey I would let you have some but there is such a thing called law and this doesn’t let you drink this

Melissa Goldie: Yeah I know law sucks

Dianna Goldie: Tell me about it kid, if the law didn’t exist then I could shoot that bitch that is my so called Aunt Isabell

Nikki Goldie (sarcastically): Dianna Goldie that’s shocking for a law student to say

Brittany Goldie: Why hate on Aunt Isabell

Cecilia Goldie: You didn’t hear

Nikki Goldie: Clearly not

Morgan Goldie: Well that woman killed Grandad Colin, she confessed it all to us the other day

Tori Goldie: I’ve had to live with them ever since then with Jess complaining and stuff

Brittany Goldie: You’re being serious

Morgan Goldie: Completely

Nikki Goldie: Well I knew she was a bit nuts but I didn’t think she would stoop that low

Jacob Black: I feel so sorry for you guys right now

Dianna Goldie: Thanks honey

Morgan Goldie: Well Tori you should come stay with Cecilia and I for a while

Cecilia Goldie: Yeah

Tori Goldie: Okay

Morgan Goldie: Since Dianna is either staying at college or Jacob’s house

Glances mischievously at Jacob then back to the others.

Morgan Goldie: Her room is never occupied

Tori Goldie: So when will we get my stuff

Cecilia Goldie: What about after dinner

Tori Goldie: Great

Nikki Goldie: What about Jess

Dianna Goldie: Oh no when I called her to invite her here she said no I hate you for what you’ve done

Brittany Goldie: Suit herself

Morgan Goldie: I’m surprised you invited that brat in the first place

Cecilia Goldie: Morgan she’s family

Melissa Goldie: Some family

Morgan Goldie: You’re a smart cookie

Melissa Goldie: I know

They all laughed. The rest of the night went on and they all had an amazing time. Morgan, Dianna and Tori then went to Isabell’s house to pack her stuff. They entered to find Isabell waiting for them.

Morgan Goldie: Tori go get your stuff Dianna and I will deal with her

Tori walked up the stairs.

Isabell Goldie: What’s going on

Dianna Goldie: We don’t feel safe with our cousin staying with a murderer

Morgan Goldie: Di, you took the words right out of my mouth

Isabell Goldie: I’m her Aunt

Morgan Goldie: A murdering one the poor girl probably scared out of her skin when she sees you taking a knife out to make sandwiches

Isabell Goldie: I’d never lay a hand on her

Dianna Goldie: But does she know that

Tori was back down the stairs now. She was a fast packer. Four Antler suitcases that Dianna had bought her were at her feet. She brought another few bags down.

Tori Goldie: Let’s go

Isabell Goldie: Tori, honey you don’t have to do this

Tori Goldie: Yes I do, what are you going to do? Kill me!

Isabell Goldie: Tori…

Dianna Goldie: I’m bored here let’s go

Morgan Goldie: You get her stuff in the car, I’ve got something to say little Issy here

Dianna Goldie: Okay

The two girls picked up what they could and walked out to the car. Morgan turned to Isabell.

Morgan Goldie: Turn yourself in

Isabell Goldie: No

Morgan Goldie: Do it or I will

Isabell stiffened and stayed silent. Morgan turned to walk away. When she reached the door she turned around again to see Isabell in that same position.

Morgan Goldie: Oh and let us not forget that Dianna is studying law

Morgan stepped out of the house and got in the car.

Dianna Goldie: Say what you wanted to say?

Morgan Goldie: Oh yeah