Cecilia Goldie is a character in the Goldie fanfic. She is very shy and cant stick up for herself. She first appears in Chapter One The Secret. She is portrayed by Pucktana88.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Opal GoldieEdit

Opal is Cecilia's fraternal twin. Since Cecilia was always quite shy, Opal would stick up for her. Opal thinks the world of Cecilia and Cecilia looks up to Opal for her courage.

Dianna GoldieEdit

Although Dianna is Cecilia's younger sister but Dianna has a big sisterly power that protects Cecilia. Cecilia looks up to Dianna for her power.


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The SecretEdit

Cecilia first appears in The Secret. She is shown to be quite shy and cannot stick up for herself. She is also shown to have a close relationship with her sisters.

Dianna's BirthdayEdit

Cecilia appears in the second chapter where they are out celebrating Dianna's birthday. Opal and Cecilia invite Tori to live with them since Dianna never uses her room.