Here are just a couple of fun questions. Answer in the comments and add some questions.

1. Potter fan or Twihard?

a. Twihard defo, alot of shirtless guys and a killer story that's a no brainer

b. Potter fan, let's go destroy he who must not be named!

c. None, not really into either of them

2. In your group of friends who's the HBIC?

a. You, who else could pull off that title

b. You're all sort of Bs or not really in to that stuff

c. WTF is an HBIC?

d. One of your friends

3. Are you a Pretty Little Liar, Hellcat or a gleek?

a. Pretty Little Liar. You pratically text your friends all the time creepy messages ending with your first initial.

b. Hellcat. SPIRIT and you have loads of it!

c. Gleek, sing, dance... get slushied but hey it's all part of the process (just when you get slushied turn around and kick the person's ass!!)

d. None of the above, who wants a dead friend haunting them, to be a cheerleader or to be seen in the eyes of your fellow school mates as not allowed to live, you'd much rather write your own storyline

4. In a movie about you, who would portray you?

5. Random, Sensible or just a mix?

a. Random, you run around in your underwear shouting "THIS IS SPARTA!!!"

b. Sensible, you talk about and do things that actually matter in the real world

c. Mix, you can talk about ice cream when everyone else is talking about last night's episode of eastenders but at the same time you come prepared

6. British people, who do you want to win X factor 2011